In a time when the world is filled with uncertainty, isolation, and heartache, what is the Lord calling out in this mission? What is He calling out in you?

Last September, we celebrated 50 years of Youth With A Mission running DTS’ (Discipleship Training Schools) where we have seen individuals and nations powerfully impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Leviticus 25, we see the Jubilee Year first mentioned, where every 50 years in Israel there was personal liberty, restitution of property, and rest for the land. With this in mind, a call came out from the International Leadership Team to consider what each campus could offer as a response to YWAM’s DTS Jubilee year.

As we looked at our schools in 2020 and asked the Lord about what we could do to honor the Jubilee year, COVID struck, and there seemed to be a pause on any plans that we were working on. As we let go of some thoughts, ideas, and plans for the moment, God had new dreams for us.


As a team, we have prayed and felt to make our January Quarter, which we are calling The New Beginnings DTS, $5,000 for 5 months, which is around half the price of a typical DTS. With the Jubilee Year in mind, we have made the decision to make this DTS more financially accessible for anyone within New Zealand who is searching for an encounter with God. We want to honor God’s heart for each person in the land and remove obstacles for those who are hungry to experience the fullness of the freedom He has for them and to find deeper relationship with Him.

Our heart is for you to feel that you belong and from that place, to become secure in your identity in God, finding freedom and hope to be who He has made you to be. We desire to see you impart the hope you have to others and make an impact in the world by influencing the community that God has placed you in. We would love to invite you to answer the call to share in this life-changing opportunity to do a DTS and discover God’s heart for Aotearoa. 

The New Beginnings DTS will help you develop your relationship with God, build new friendships, and find your place in serving the story that God is telling in the land of New Zealand. You will discover more of who God is, the calling God has put on your life, and what He has for you. Our heart for the DTS is that the students would be a part of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth and releasing the hope of the Gospel to the nations



Morgan Blankenship

Written by Morgan Blankenship