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2 min read

Pro Packing Tips

Whether you’re preparing to pack prior to crunch time and looking to maximize your bag space & efficiency, or you’re...

4 min read


Being unsure of what you’re supposed to do next or where your suppose to go can be pretty daunting! Is a gap year the...

3 min read

Sometimes it takes a bit of time

Originally, I went to do my DTS because I felt like God was calling me to but there was a large part of me that was...

1 min read

5 Quick Tips on How to Travel Internationally

1. Get a Window Seat

Everyone has their preferences on where they want to sit, but there’s nothing like seeing the...

2 min read

5 Ways to Jumpstart your Fundraising

1. Work

The Lord created us for work. In the beginning God gave Adam work. Genesis 2:15 (NIV) says, “The Lord God took...

2 min read

The Art of Creation

Recently I have been thinking about how God is the creator of the universe, the planets, and the earth. I had a...

2 min read

The Living Bible

As a child I enjoyed growing up going to church, and being taught biblical principals and reading all the cool...

2 min read

Soured Manna

In desperation you cry out to the Lord for provision. He shows up, and suddenly manna from Heaven practically falls...

2 min read

The Truth of the Butterfly

“If you catch it, it will surely die, darling,” her mum said. “This kind of beauty will last onlywhen you choose to...

4 min read

How God Transformed My Heart for my Hometown

I found YWAM after I caught a heart for the least of these, for the lost, for the desperate. I wanted to enter into...