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2 min read

Soured Manna

In desperation you cry out to the Lord for provision. He shows up, and suddenly manna from Heaven practically falls...

2 min read

The Truth of the Butterfly


“If you catch it, it will surely die, darling,” her mum said. “This kind of beauty will last onlywhen you choose to...

4 min read

How God Transformed My Heart for my Hometown


I found YWAM after I caught a heart for the least of these, for the lost, for the desperate. I wanted to enter into...

6 min read

What's my Purpose?: Finding Meaning in Your Moment


I want to share something honest. There have been times in my life that I have felt completely without purpose. In...

13 min read

The "Everything Bagel" Packing List For Your YWAM DTS

Okay, so you’re needing to pack for your DTS and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed... How do I fit half a year of my...

3 min read

How My DTS Impacts My Work Today


I’ve served as a YWAM missionary for over 10 years now. I work with the traveling community: young adults on a gap...

4 min read

Where Should I Do DTS?: What Makes YWAM Oxford a Place to Call Home


There’s something about YWAM Oxford that maybe you can’t quite put your finger on a first. It doesn’t take long for...

4 min read

Here I am, Send me


Missions is a call, as followers of Christ we’re called to be representatives wherever we go. Some of us are called...

4 min read

Tips for Reading the Bible Daily


It can be hard to stick with reading the Bible daily when things don't make sense to you or the sentence structure...

3 min read

How to Walk on Water


You’re in the middle of the storm. The winds are raging against you. You’re beaten by the waves. The angry sea looks...