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The Art of Creation

By Alisha Tripp on March 5, 2022 9:15:00 AM NZDT


Recently I have been thinking about how God is the creator of the universe, the planets, and the earth. I had a revelation the other day about how there are so many people who paint landscapes, recreating on a canvas what they see, high mountains, deep valleys, open ravines, colourful coral reefs, vast deserts. The artists are so talented, spending hours creating and meticulously detailing their art. The piece can sell for thousands of dollars and then the new owner would put it on their wall at home. But as I was thinking I realised that they recreated what they saw, they were trying to replicate God’s creation. We like to copy the original, but it is not the same. God’s perfect creation. Full of beauty and awe. Nothing we can create compares with the marvellous formation that the LORD built out of nothing, speaking it into creation. God is the artist, and His creation is His masterpiece. No matter how hard we try, we could never create something that comes close to what God creates. There is no fault in his work, no flaw in His craft.

I haven’t always admired God’s handiwork as much as it demands. I grew up on a beautiful farm, in southland New Zealand, with large hills and gorgeous mountains all around in the distance. I don’t want to take living in such a gorgeous place for granted because I don’t want to miss out on seeing the magnificence in creation. But I know that wherever I am, there is always beauty to be found. God’s creation is so intricate and complex, perfect in every way, even the home of the honeybee. It uses the hexagon to make their hive which is the best shape for that purpose because it is the strongest shape and it leaves no gaps.

As we have been reading throughout the bible on the DBS, I keep thinking how God’s redemptive plan is to bring us back into the Garden of Eden before sin entered the world. Nothing could get more perfect than God’s creation, He said it was good, and He called us very good. To be with God in His creation is wonderful, to rest in Him true rest. It is so amazing that the God of heaven and earth desires to spend time with us, to dwell with us and walk with us. We were created in God’s image and so were designed to create like Him. We use our hands to sculpt, mould, paint and sketch. We even design and build houses, grand buildings and even with our limited knowledge and resources we can still create wonderful things. However, we could never make something out of nothing like the God who created us. There is nothing more wonderful, grand, spectacular, awesome, or creative than our great good Father who loves us like we never could. WOW, my God is a good God. He created me and compared to this world HE called us very good. I will never stop marvelling at that or who God is.

Alisha Tripp

Written by Alisha Tripp