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5 Quick Tips on How to Travel Internationally

By MiCaela Grzelak on May 24, 2022 9:15:00 AM NZST

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1. Get a Window Seat

Everyone has their preferences on where they want to sit, but there’s nothing like seeing the beauty when you look down out the window. Plus side is that you’ll always have a headrest against the window too! If you didn’t want to purchase a window seat or they were unavailable, get to your gate early and ask the representative for one. Some airlines will switch you for free if they are available, there's no harm in asking!

2. Bring a Night/Morning Routine Bag

15-17 hours on a plane can make you feel pretty gross, but if you are on a night flight just pop into the bathroom before heading to bed and brush your teeth and change into comfy pjs. Do the same when you wake up but change into your daytime clothes. You’ll feel ready to conquer the world again or ready to fly for your next flight!

3. Get to Know your Neighbor

Getting to know your neighbor can make you feel more comfortable in your seat and if you have to bother them to go to the bathroom, you’ll feel a little less awkward and mean.

4. Drink LOTS of Water

Flying can be hard on your body, so give it some love and you’ll feel better when you land too!

5. Don’t be Afraid to Stretch!

It can be really awkward to stand up and touch your toes on a plane. Go to the bathroom area where there is more room and you’ll feel more comfortable stretching in line. This will make your body feel a bit better after being cramped in a seat for hours.

MiCaela Grzelak

Written by MiCaela Grzelak