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Practicing Financial Dependence on God

By Mike Brown on August 24, 2020 11:37:45 AM NZST

How much will we lean into God?
We find ourselves in uncharted territory in many aspects of our lives and ministries at the moment.
What can I do about the future? How can I best navigate the many things ahead of us? What is the best way I can prepare? I,I,I, where is the room for God?
When it comes to finances, YWAM as a movement is completely volunteer driven and each person must individually lean into practicing dependence on God. Not just in the area of finances but also in all areas of life.
I have seen so many times how God has provided through all different world seasons. In the times we have been in the most need we have seen provision.
I remember one morning waking up with a 6 hour drive ahead of me and a 1/4 tank of petrol and $5 to our name. I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me not to make anyone know of our need. As we were sitting at the breakfast table (and I am sweating a bit on the inside!!) someone came along and gave us $100 towards our trip home. Not only did we fill the car with petrol we also had enough to buy a few groceries to hold us over for the next regular support money that was coming in. God is so good.
In our time in ministry we have seen many ebbs and flows of finance and provision. I have had times of true financial desperation and literally having to coach my soul not to worry, by reading scripture right through, to blessings coming when I don't really need them.
But here are three consistent things I have seen:
  1. When I take my eyes off him and try to do it all by myself to work it out, it generally doesn't work out.
  2. When I am obedient in generosity (2 Cor. 9:7) with a cheerful heart, even when it doesn't make physical sense, then the overflow continues. Generosity is what God calls us to. He is such a generous God and we are called into relationship.
  3. When I do what I can (connect with supporters etc) he does the rest even when I am well short.
So, be encouraged, seek first what God is asking of you and run with that. Don't give up on being generous. Oh and did I mention being generous? When it comes to finances it is so easy to lean into our own strength. When he has the cattle on a thousand hills and I am only looking for a few steaks!!!
And take heart, it is not always easy. But the journey of learning his faithfulness and consistency even in spite of me and my doubts at times is so, so worth it.



Mike Brown

Written by Mike Brown