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By Indy Korff on December 9, 2020 4:05:48 PM NZDT

Over this past year God has been speaking to me a lot about prayer and just how important it is. Even at the start of the year, the words ‘prayer warrior’ and ‘intercessor’ always invoked for me the image of a group of elderly women gathered together in a room once a week or so and praying because that’s literally all they can offer God’s kingdom. So when God began to speak to me about wanting to grow me in the areas of prayer and intercession, I got really offended. I’m twenty seven years old, not eighty seven and I wanted God to use me in an area that would actually help the great commission.
If people ever commented that I seemed to have a strong prayer life and that I had a gift in that area, I honestly took it as an insult. I wanted a cooler gift like being able to lead a room in worship or give out amazing words of knowledge to others. Gifts that in my mind, actually helped bring people closer to God. There have been countless times when I have acknowledged the power of prayer, yet deep down in my heart I didn’t really think it could make much of a difference, particularly coming from someone who is soft spoken and more often than not, lacking in eloquence.
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Freely Given, Freely Give

By Taylor Phillips on September 10, 2020 12:31:01 PM NZST

When I first was introduced into missions, I was very turned off by the idea of having to raise my own money. Who does that? That was not the way I was raised or the type of job I went to college for. I have a college degree and plenty of work experience. But, when I thought about it there was a deeper-rooted issue of independence. I thought that my way of earning money was better because I could do it, and I could control every step of the way: where I worked, how much I earned, how much I was able to give away, and what I bought. But that is not God’s heart for me. I had to give up every concept of earning that I was taught from a young age
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How I Got $8K for my DTS in 2 Weeks

By Anna Martin on August 31, 2020 3:20:50 PM NZST

My senior year of high school I decided to take a gap year after graduation and really focus on deepening my relationship with God. I applied for the backpackers DTS and began the process of fundraising, planning and getting excited for the journey ahead of me! I did support letters, spoke at church, sent emails, Facebook posts, and after awhile I started losing hope. The money wasn’t coming in. I was confused and my self doubt was growing- I remember thinking “Okay God, you said DTS. Why isn’t this happening?” 
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Practicing Financial Dependence on God

By Mike Brown on August 24, 2020 11:37:45 AM NZST

How much will we lean into God?
We find ourselves in uncharted territory in many aspects of our lives and ministries at the moment.
What can I do about the future? How can I best navigate the many things ahead of us? What is the best way I can prepare? I,I,I, where is the room for God?
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